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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Public Desire have me throwing my feet in the air

Public Desire have me feeling all Gucci #pdbae

(Beautiful shoes c/o Public Desire)
The lovely guys at Public Desire are so good to me! o happy to have my paws on the amazing Valerie shoe. This is the perfect Winter party shoe and looks so next season Gucci right now. I plan on wearing mine with bright midi dresses or slacks and a shirt for a fresh retro feel. And the best thing is... They're now only £16.99 in the Sale!

Get yours HERE

Outfit post to follow!

Peace, Love and Puppy dogs.



Thursday, 24 September 2015

The perfect watch: Daniel Wellington

 photo DANIEL WELLINGTON FASHION FADE 1_zpsxm1e7jcz.jpg  photo DANIEL WELLINGTON FASHION FADE 3 _zpsgl0amqqz.jpg  photo DANIEL WELLINGTON FASHION FADE 4 _zpsokgo5hq3.jpg\  photo DANIEL WELLINGTON FASHION FADE 2_zpsynlponwp.jpg

(Boots ASOS, bangles from Morocco, watch c/o Daniel Wellington)

Just a quick post today as I'm currently suffering with a pretty serious case of tonsillitis which I'm putting down to the crazy British weather we have RN. But I'm glad that I have my shiny new Daniel Wellington watch to look at to cheer me up (as well as a giant mug of tea of course).

Anyway, back to my beautiful watch, I've been eyeing these bad boys up on my quest to find the perfect everyday watch in black and silver... And Daniel Wellington well and truly answered my prayers with the Classic Sheffield ladies watch! I'm so picky when it comes to watches and never want anything too big or flashy, just a watch that can be worn with anything whether I'm head to toe in sequins or just completely casual.

But the best thing about this is that you can get yourself 15% off your very own watch or as  gift for someone else... or even a gift to yourself, with my personalised online code "fashion-fade" But hurry, because you only have until 15th October to claim your discount! Just head over to or click HERE

...So while you're all getting your paws on a beautiful new watch, I'm snuggling up for an evening in bed with my best friend... Netflix so that I can get better for London Fashion Weekend!

Peace out



Sunday, 6 September 2015

Flowers are Forever

 photo SAM_0635_zpsr5fatl9b.jpg  photo SAM_0647_zpsaym99vrl.jpg  photo SAM_0633_zpsm4y8tjkq.jpg  photo SAM_0632_zpsjr4ipevs.jpg (Flowers: The rosebud bouquet by Appleyard London)

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous bunch of flowers from the guys over at Appleyard London. Normally I don't review things that aren't fashion related but recently I've felt like I'd love to introduce a wider range of posts featuring my travels and other things that I get up to ... You know, other than wearing clothes!

But I'm not writing this post just to gloat about my beautiful flowers, because I have a treat for you guys too. If you'd like to treat a loved one, or yourself, or your dog to a beautiful bunch of blooms then you can also use my exclusive code MANC33 to get yourself 33% off Next day flowers with Appleyard.

...Unfortunately the puppy isn't included but they did last a whopping 10 days which was pretty impressive!

Let me know if you do use the code! I'd love to hear which bouquet you select!

Peace, Love and flowery things



Tuesday, 18 August 2015


 photo SAM_0608_zps3vw8afqt.jpg  photo SAM_0623_zpslu2vvqyw.jpg  photo SAM_0629_zpsgtc4dvko.jpg
(Beautiful hamper c/o Oasis, puppy not included)

If you're looking at these pictures you're probably thinking one of two things (or both) ; "is that a dog or a mop?" .... and "Penny that dog has better hair than you." But this week, sees Teddy in the limelight as my pooches and I were fortunate to receive an incredible personalised hamper from the lovelies over at Oasis. The new campaign combines every girls style staples, their denim and their dogs.

The hamper included some amazing denim pieces that I'll be featuring over the next weeks and also treats for Teddy and Tizzy, plus as a little denim neck scarf (Teddy's never looked better)

The new campaign for Oasis is now online and you can send them some denim selfies of you and your favourite canine pals with the hashtag #wagyourtail ... so get snapping your denim and your dogs sistas!

Poochy love,



Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Summer Newness

 photo first and i fashion fade june art 1_zps8rdsfxfb.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade june art  2_zpstyeedc7r.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade art 3_zps1zzmdgsd.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade art 6_zpsdgb6rm87.jpg  photo first and i fashion fade art  _zpsrmpmc8fx.jpg  photo first an i fashion fade art 5_zpsmvatdhhr.jpg (Two piece from First & I via ASOS, Bag Fashion-Fade X Baiabags collaboration, Shoes Brikenstocks, Hat H&M, cuffs primark) 

Sometimes its better to think outside the box, and this week, whilst dying to wear this gorgeous two piece by First & I, I've been having a bit of a blog brainstorm so that I can make my blog more how I want it to be,  a bit more me and a bit more fun. Unfortunately it's still too cold for this beauty, but I've loved planning outfits with it for my upcoming holiday to Sicily (if you've been, please please please share any lovely things to do/see/eat)

I've spoken before about how I seem to fall in and out of love with blogging. I'm sure that everyone thinks its all freebies and free trips and nice events and parties but it's so much more and it's so easy to lose yourself in that world and the misconceptions. Blogging is hard. Especially when you have a full time job/career that seems to cut into precious blog time.... plus sometimes when I get home, I just want to lie in my underwear and eat any form of food involving cheese.

I've been talking about a bit of an overhaul for a while now and I've finally decided on the kind of vibe I want to go for. Fashion-Fade is something that I've built and I'm proud of, so I want it to evolve and grow up with me.

I'm travelling so much this year... and for once it's for pleasure not business and I can't wait to share lots of beautiful holiday snaps with you. I've finally made the commitment to make Fashion-fade more personal and to also combine my own hobbies and interests in art and music and just everything really. Hopefully you Fashion-fade fans will enjoy it just as much as I'll love posting content.

In the meantime, if there's any particular posts that you guys want to see, I'm definitely welcome to ideas, so leave a comment and keep them flowing. And in the mean time, I will be reminding myself of this quote...

"If you do not like where you are, move. you are not a tree."

Peace and love party people



P.S If you could also help to raise awareness for a cause close to my heart please do so. Please share the hashtags #StopYulin and #StopYulinFOREVER across social media to try and stop the terrible dog meat festival in China. You can also sign the petition HERE.

A little help can make a big difference to these innocent animals.

Thank you.